If you are moving into a house built many years ago, the stair spindles you find are not likely to excite you, especially when the house has not been attended to keenly over the years. While the stairs and stair spindles might be functional, there is a considerable chance that they are outdated. One of the ways to change the situation is to upgrade your stair spindles. There are so many ideas for this, and you might be spoilt for choice. Here are a couple of ideas for upgrading these spindles and having your stairway look as good as new.

How to upgrade the stair spindles

Even though the stair spindles’ main role was to support your stairway, they can still be stylish. We can all agree that there is no way you will transform the entire house to look modern and fail to consider the stairways. The entire aesthetics of your space will not come out nicely. All you need to do is think through a couple of things. If you have no idea how to elevate the style of your stair spindles, here are a couple of ideas.

Change to wood spindles

If the stairs had wood or iron spindles, the best thing to do is just replace the old ones with a better version. Wood spindles look pretty good on your space. A change in the material of the spindles will go a long way to changing the overall outlook of your home. Different wood-type spindles have different designs. Go for the type of wood that will last and a design that showcases your style.

Improve metal spindles to make them attractive

In changing the material of the spindle, you get to pick out a whole new design that will look great. Iron spindles also work great, and you have the assurance of long-lasting service provided you maintain them right. Also, like wood, go for the quality and make sure the design remains attractive. Contrary to popular belief, many people still prefer iron spindles.

DIY your spindles

If you love working with your hands, this is the time to test your skills. The best thing about DIY spindles is that if you have the freedom to choose the design, you also get to spend less on the materials. We don’t recommend this if you don’t have skills, equipment, and time. Instead, buy the spindles from Alibaba and install them if you do not want to make mistakes.

Decorate spindles by painting

If you have a small budget and limited time, you can always get your brushes and paints. Aside from being affordable, it changes the spindles’ appearance. Painting is also straightforward, so no matter your experience, you can always do a good paint job. You can either go with neutral colors or something that stands out.

Final word

Changing up your stairway white seems like a small thing, but it greatly impacts the overall look of your home. The ideas above will help you figure out what design your new stair spindles should be. Make everything easy by buying the stair spindles at Alibaba today.


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