Many enthusiasts have a keen interest in cigars. While some may not take it seriously, others do. Unbelievable on an unprecedented scale.

Commit themselves to it as a way of life. These individuals do not keep a humidor on their home office desks as casual decor. They’ve got a whole room set aside only for smoking. A large, climate- and humidity-controlled chamber stocked to the brim with cigars, ready for a light at any time.

Location For A Ideal Walk In Humidor

Naturally, you are the expert when it comes to your own home. As a result, you should know better than anyone, where it will serve you best if you decide to put one in. However, there are several things to keep in mind in advance. It would be best if you start by selecting a room that doesn’t have much direct sunlight.

It is recommended that people living inside the Northern Hemisphere avoid sleeping in rooms that face south. Remember that cigars are sensitive to light and should be stored accordingly. It means that windows are not installed in walk-in humidors. The windows let in draughts, and the intense sunshine makes the space too hot and can destroy the cigars you have in there.

Sealing of Humidor

If the walk in humidor is properly sealed, neither heat nor moisture will escape. Find cracks or other openings that may allow air to escape, then seal them up. For instance, a door’s rubber gaskets and silicone grouting are two examples of what may be needed.

Please ensure there are no gaps in the wall once it has been built since this would allow too much air to get through. Please light a candle and place it near the possible cracks in the room’s insulation to see whether any draughts are present since this is an ancient method. A flickering light is a sign of air leakage that has to be sealed.

Walk In Humidor Ventilation

However, a walk-in humidor doesn’t have to be sealed up within an airtight box, as common misconceptions would have you believe. Mold and mildew are avoided with the aid of fresh air. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the precautions with a walk-in humidor outlined up there.

Inside a walk-in humidor, the airflow is carefully managed at all times. The humidor’s capacity and the frequency with which the entrance is opened affect the airflow.

Racks for Humidors

Choice of Cigars In a Cigar Store In the following, we’ll admit that Spanish cedar wall paneling isn’t a strict requirement. However, it is strongly suggested for the racks. Spanish cedar provides the most enjoyable and genuine experience; however other materials are conceivable.

Wall Linings of Walk In Humidor

All of the walls of a walk-in humidor should be lined with cedar, as is the norm. However, this is not always the case, and you can use different surfaces.

One example is the increasingly popular frequently used in closets and even certain cigar humidors. Instead of acting as a membrane and absorbing moisture, as Spanish cedar does, it serves as a repellent and creates a natural seal.

Flooring for Walk In Humidor

There are many materials to select while shopping for flooring for your walk-in humidor. Carpeting is the sole flooring material you should strictly avoid since it harbors mold and grime. Meanwhile, ceramic tiles are one of the better alternatives since they are both easy to maintain and good at keeping the humidor’s humidity levels stable.


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