Buying wholesale t shirts saves you a lot of money as a direct consumer and helps you make enough profit as a reseller of the shirt. Globally, almost everyone wears a shirt every day. You may not wear a t-shirt to work because it is unofficial, but when you get back from work, you would not want to complete your house chores in a suit and tie. T-shirts are comfortable pieces that you can wear any time conveniently. It is extremely easy to put on and put off a t-shirt. That is why this outfit continues to increase in popularity, and there is no sign of stopping now.

When you buy wholesale t-shirts in bulk, there is a high chance that you will buy more of the plain t-shirts. These t-shirts, when purchased from the right brands, are beautiful and of excellent quality. But a downside of wearing or selling plain t-shirts is it can get boring over time. Well-known brands hardly make a t-shirt without inscribing a design or something as small as their logo. This design gives the shirt a better appearance, and if you plan to sell the shirt, you get more money through that simple design. Luckily, printing on a shirt is not such a daunting task, as long as you have the right tools and proper guidelines. You can print with either a transfer paper or an inkodye to add prints to the shirt. This guide will show you how to add prints with transfer paper.

Buy the transfer paper

A transfer paper is designed for the particular purpose of printing on shirts. Transfer papers are a common type of paper you can find on either an online or offline store. You need to ask questions while buying the transfer paper because they are of two kinds. One of the types of transfer paper is used for only white and lighter shades of shirts only, while the other type of transfer paper works for dark shirts. Mostly, the transfer paper comes in the same size as your regular paper, so unless you want a different style, do not exceed that size.

Get the picture or design ready

If you want to put a picture or design on your shirt, it needs to be of the best quality. First, ensure that the image is at the best quality from your device. After that, ensure the printer is set at its best performance. You can’t make the mistake of printing a low-quality design on your shirt.

Print picture on transfer paper

After testing the picture on regular paper, you can go ahead to print the design on the transfer paper. If you want to print for the light transfer paper, you need to reverse the image in inverse form. Use an app that wouldn’t reduce the quality of the pictures to flip or mirror the image. If you’re using the transfer paper for the darker shades, you shouldn’t mirror it. You can now trim the sides of the paper.

Flatten the shirt and iron it

Before you put the transfer paper on the shirt, the first thing is to ensure it is flat and straight by ironing it. After that you can place the transfer paper where you want it and an iron shirt with transfer paper. Iron the shirt continuously for a long moment.


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