Nearly 100 years after they were invented, pressure washers have evolved significantly. Not only are they more effective, but they have also become less expensive. A gas pressure washer usually costs USD 300 or more, and it is the most expensive type. The most affordable type is a battery-powered pressure washer. On average, an electric pressure washer costs 200 dollars. Many factors affect pressure washer prices, including the power source and how effectively it cleans. You can get pristine results by using a pressure washer. Effortlessly remove even stubborn stains, such as paint, oil, and rust.

Estimate the price by washer type

Three power sources for pressure washers exist gasoline, electricity, and batteries.

It will help decide whether each power source is worth the expense based on its advantages and disadvantages. Your needs may be better fulfilled by one power source than another, making it a worthwhile investment.

Gas Pressure Washers

For heavy-duty cleaning and frequent use, gas pressure washers are ideal. A power washer’s cleaning power is impressive, and it usually outperforms electric and battery-driven models. Pressure washers cost an average of $350 or more.


  • Great for big jobs and frequent use.
  • You can clean a larger area with gas pressure washers because of their high cleaning power.

    They do not require an outlet to operate


  • They are the most expensive pressure washers
  • Oil and gasoline emit fumes
  • They are heavy and often weigh more than 100 pounds
  • They require a great deal of maintenance
  • Loudest of all pressure washers
  • It can be challenging to start

Battery Pressure Washers

Pressure washers powered by batteries usually cost about $182.

Bringing a battery-powered pressure washer on a camping trip is convenient and provides great user mobility. Did you dirty up your car on your way to the campsite? Fill up the portable bucket of your battery pressure washer with water from the river, and rinse the car.


Excellent user-mobility –– some battery-powered pressure washers offer compact design to make them easy to transport

  • No messy oil, gasoline, or additives
  • Lightweight design
  • Very quiet compared to gas pressure washers
  • Simple startup
  • Include portable buckets


  • Low pressure, so they’re only suitable for light-duty jobs
  • Costlier and less powerful than corded models
  • Runtime is limited, and recharging is required constantly

Corded Electric

As an alternative to gas-powered pressure washers, corded models are eco-friendly. Electric pressure washers produce nearly as much cleaning power compared with gas pressure washers, but they don’t require fuel or oil. They cost about $167 on average.


  • An ecological alternative
  • Cleans as well as gas models.
  • Affordably priced.
  • Easily installed.
  • Lighter and quieter than most gas pressure washers.


  • Limited mobility due to the power cord.
  • The operator must work in an area with an outdoor outlet.

Summing it all up, the content we have presented will surely let you decide pressure water prices. But pelae never fallmoff on good designs and highr prices because this maybe not be the case always. You need to check user reviews and market rates and the quality in order to have good results.


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