Countless manufacturers produce LED light strips all around the globe. But choosing the best options among all might be a challenging task. If you are looking for the best led strip light supplier, this guide is for you.

This article has enlisted the top well-known professional suppliers of LED light strips. You can place your order in any of the below-mentioned companies regardless of your country and location.

These companies will provide you with;

  • Top-notch LED strip light
  • High performing strips
  • Reasonable prices
  • Best customer services
  • Huge product variations
  • Cutting-edge products

Let’s get into it!

Supplier’s Review

1. Shine Décor

Shine decor starts its business from a minimal level in China. The company was established in 2003. Primarily, the company was dealing with manufacturing LED strips and rope lights.

However, by the time shine décor had made itself among the list of high-tech LED products manufacturer. Expanding its business from China to the Ukraine and US markets, the company has become a known international brand.

In the shine décor portfolio, you’ll get a vast range of innovative LED lighting solutions.

Main Products

  • Chandeliers
  • LED lights installation accessories
  • Silicone neon rope lights
  • LED strip lights
  • LED neon lights

2. Rishang Optoelectronics Co., LTD

Rishang is a Chinese company that was established in 2007. This company is specialized in the manufacturing and supplying of LED strip lights, illuminated advertising, and signage boxes.

With the 20000㎡ production company, the company is serving not only local but also international LED strip light marketing as well. The company supplies more than 100 of its products worldwide.

The partner of rishang includes the recognized brands like Adidas, Bakery & Deli, Walmart, Huawei, Expo, VL, Samsung, Microsoft, etc. Besides these enterprises, the company is also taking orders from significant commercial buildings, banking and finance, industries, and hubs.

Main Products

  • LED strip lights
  • LED rigid bars
  • LED power supplies
  • LED modules

3. ArcLED

ArcLED is a producer and trader company of LED lighting. The company is located in the UK west costline. The LED strip light is the main production product of the company.

From ArcLED you’ll get a wide range of colors, lengths, and designs of LED strip lights. The services of ArcLED are divided into two categories;

  1. Supply of LED lighting kit to start own business
  2. Ready to use products

The company ensures the compatibility of its products for every project, so whether you are ordering home or business products, trust ArcLED for functionality, innovation, and quality of products.

Check the company portfolio for advanced and traditional lighting solutions. You will surely be stunned by the range of products.

Main Products

  • LED tape rolls
  • Neon flex
  • LED drivers
  • Controllers

4. Hanron Lighting Co., Ltd

Hanron Lighting Co., Ltd is a major player in LED lighting and accessories. The company was established in 2010, and now it has advanced machinery and >100 professional working employees.

The company is working as a;

  • Manufacturer
  • Supplier
  • Designer

Of LED lights.

The company has a vast supply chain in >50 countries on significant continents like America and Europe. And the majority of its products are used commercially in shopping malls, automotive, home interiors, and hotels.

With the maintenance product quality, hanron will provide you with 5 years warranty on all of its products and >2000 kinds of LED strip lights.

Main Products

  • LED strip lights
  • LED neon lights
  • LED strip accessories

Final Verdict

China is a significant contributor to LED strip light products. And two of its best companies are enlisted here. You can trust these companies for excellent quality products. If you are interested in any other highlighted companies, you can check their official websites for more inquiries.


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